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Educational game with activities of progressive difficulty, for recognizing geometric shapes and designing patterns.Age: 5 to 6 years..
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Basic and easy-to-use educational material for learning to count up to 6. Following the instructions of the dice (dots and color) players complete their card using the colored tiles. Age: 3+..
Brand: OEM
Educational game with 3 game alternatives! Memory game (match 2 cards), lotto and number and quantity matching. It helps to understand numbers expressed in different ways. In matching numbers and quantities but also in comparing different quantities. Age: 2+..
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Think of yourself as a puzzle master?Attempt this surprisingly tricky challenge by simply taking the 9 wire puzzles apart and putting them back together again.Sounds easy?It's harder than it looks!9 wooden puzzles of varing difficultyChoking Hazzard-Small partsNot for children under 3 years old..
Brand: OEM
Euro activity game including 18 activity cards, 14 notes and 29 coins.Fill in the corresponding quantitative value on the cards for each exercise.Age: 5+..
Brand: OEM
Buzzer set in 4 different colors and with different sounds. It makes the lesson or game more fun. Use it to provide your answer and more! Price for 4 pieces...
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This time the game board is not fixed! It shakes, it turns, it doesn't balance easily! Who will be able to balance the base of the game when the wind starts to blow and take the flowers? Who will help the frog and his friends land safely in the garden? Age: 4+..
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Why is the sausage in the bedroom, the keys in the bathroom and the money in the kitchen...? Be the first to find where the other thieves have hidden their treasure by asking clever questions.Only then will you be the winner of the game! Age: 4+..
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Set of 4 plastic dice dimensions (5x5x5cm) in a storage box.Roll the dice to start a story.Use them for both written and oral storytelling.Age: 3+..
Brand: OEM
Educational game for recognizing and familiarizing yourself with the 4 basic emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness.Through play and discussion, vocabulary development and emotion management are achieved...
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Board game with wooden elements, which introduces the concept of cooperation, to children from 2 years old.Follow the very simple rules and help the mice get home before the cat eats all the fish.Recommended age 2+ yearsThe French company Dujardin in collaboration with the company Nathan where each ..
Brand: OEM
This tableau includes 30 cards to encourage rational decision-making when unexpected or unwanted situations present themselves. Each presents a problem. These range from minor difficulties that disrupt the daily routine, such as missing a bus, to serious difficulties with elements of danger, such as..
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